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Become a friend of the Pte Oyate

The Knife Chief Buffalo Nation Society's special Friend Donation Program allows you to donate directly to the care of a buffalo that makes their home here.


Your support will provide the Pte Oyate with energy cake, salt, and mineral.


Your contributions will mend fences and keep the Knife Chief Buffalo Nation Society staffed with a dedicated caretaker and other staff.


Your sponsorship will take care of your Buffalo Friend’s four essentials:

Fresh water

Freedom to move around


Forage in the form of supplemental hay as needed


All sponsors receive:

Photograph of the Pte Oyate

Letter of Contribution

Calendar of Knife Chief Buffalo Nation Society Buffalo

Giving Levels are described below.


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Knife Chief Nation is a 501c3 non profit organization and contributions are tax deductible. 

Our EIN # is 82-3278437. 

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