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UN TUWE PI - (Who We Are)

Knife Chief Buffalo Nation Society is a non-profit organization named after our grandfather, Mila Yatan Pika Pte, Knife Chief.  This grass roots organization is committed to caring for the members of the buffalo nation as relatives and learning from them.


Our herd is located near Porcupine, South Dakota. We have managed the buffalo herd and have been informally doing these activities for several years. The buffalo that are in our care are used as sustenance as well as for ceremonial and spiritual purposes. Our goal is to restore a respectful and spiritual relationship that we once had with the Buffalo Nation so that our future generations can continue the ceremonies that make us strong.

Three of the traditional ceremonies where the Buffalo Nation plays an integral role:

  • The Sundance Ceremony,

  • Wicasa Ihuni (becoming a man) and

  • Isnati Awicalowanpi ("they sing for her who lives alone"-becoming a woman)

Our activities are inter-generational. We plan to increase both our activities and our herd size when we are able to expand our acreage for pastures.

Knife Chief Nation is a 501c3 non profit organization and contributions are tax deductible.  Our EIN # is 82-3278437. 

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